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Your 30s are Your Years to get Your Life Together

Let’s be frank, “getting your life together” means taking responsibility for your own independence, mostly with regards to your finances, doesn’t it? Testimony to the core involvement of money in the matter is how young adults are excused for being “young and naive” if by some chance they come into huge sums of money and they are so reckless with that money that they end up losing most of it, if not all. The truth is they pretty much have their entire lives ahead of them to take back control of their lives and perhaps build up their finances again.

This is why most success stories involving extremely wealthy individuals follow pretty much the same template, which is that of having initially lost a fortune only to make it back again and manage to hold on to it the second time around and even grow it. The same is probably true of the life of a person of average wealth, i.e. someone who is bang in the middle of the middle class, or perhaps poking around in the upper echelons of the middle class – upper middle class.

So while everything around getting your life together is perhaps centred on your finances, exactly what it means to get your life sorted out entails a few very key things. In any respect, your thirties are perhaps that period of time when it’s very crucial to make sure you get your life sorted out in this manner, simply because this is when responsibilities beyond yourself as an individual start piling up. With each passing day, your ability to engage in high-risk economic activities and recover from them if they don’t work out diminishes and you don’t want to wake up one day in your forties and realise that you’ve wasted your life away.

At some point in time you simply won’t be able to pull all-nighters anymore and nobody will readily want to take you onboard for some job or even hand you big project to complete, simply because there will be someone sharper, more equipped with current skills and with more energy than you could ever hope to have again. So wake up and use your thirties as that period in your life where you really bring it home!

How to go about it is by implementing a compound Plan A, which can be applied to all areas of your life beyond its direct application to the finances. What will happen is you’re going to engage in activities, including those of an economic nature, which allow you to fully enjoy them in the present, but at the same time they take nothing away from the future. This can range anywhere from starting a business to knowing exactly where to go for a free consultation with a drug offence lawyer in Vancouver, should the need for such measures ever come to pass.

The idea is that should whatever you have planned for the future not work out, at least then you won’t have wasted your time working towards that future that never comes.