Sofia is a happy mother of two kids, health and fitness expert and blogger. She’s here to share her knowledge and motive other women change their lives.


Welcome to This website was created because of my passion for combining my health and fitness alongside being a mother of two young, energetic children! I know that there are thousands upon thousands of women in similar situations like mine, so if you would like to take this journey together, you’ve come to the right place!

Before we begin that journey, let me take a little bit of time to introduce myself and the beginnings of

About Me

First things first, my name is Sophia Stephens, and I will be your guide throughout your experience. I live in the beautiful City of Lisbon in Portugal, one of the most populated and vibrant urban areas that the country has to offer. It is here that I make my home with my husband, son, and daughter.

I always feel as though I have experienced two different lives; the life I had before becoming a mother and the life I now lead as a mother! I think that most women will relate to this, and I say it in the most positive of ways, but before becoming a mother, I worked outside of the home as a full-time Fitness and Health Coach. Though, since becoming a mother, I have taken the decision to stay at home full time and raise my children.

I realized very early on that just because I became a stay at home mom, that didn’t have to mean that I had to miss out on life – it merely suggested that I was experiencing it in a different way and with a different perspective. I soon understood that an overwhelming majority of women felt as though their lives had all but stopped once they took the stay at home mom route, but I found it gave me a new lease of life.

How Began Life

Because of my extensive background in health and fitness, I guess you could say that I never really stopped utilizing this knowledge when I gave up my job. In fact, I soon began to realize that during both of my pregnancies, my in-depth knowledge of the health and fitness field kept me in good stead during my trimesters, the actual births and indeed in the very early and crucial months of becoming a mother.

By the time I was pregnant with my second child, I had realized that so many other women around me were confused about what they could and couldn’t do, health and fitness wise, during their pregnancy and that so many of them were missing out on great opportunities to improve their impending due dates.

As I looked more closely, I also began to see patterns emerging that due to uncertainty over what to eat or how to exercise correctly during pregnancy and immediately after birth, these bad habits were following women all the way through to their first years of parenting. I was angry at what I felt was a lack of guidance available for all women and new mums, and I felt passionate to speak out about it. I began to do this on my blog.

I soon understood that my concerns were founded when what started as a small personal blog, as a means of discussing with a few others about what I felt was relevant, soon developed into a huge concern and the hits to it began amassing very quickly indeed. It seemed that many women recognized the lack of quality content and information available to them and they were desperate to access it from someone they could relate to.

What Offers Visitors

This website is for women who want to both look and feel good about themselves and their everyday lives. This is the place to read about motivational tips, access guidance on the mind and body, discover beauty and fitness regimes alongside so much more that matters in our lives. Whether you are pregnant, have just given birth, are in the first stages of motherhood or perhaps you even have a few children, this is the place for you.

The site aims to offer you guidance through its expert and high-quality content on how you too can stay healthy and active, look and feel great at the same time and make the most of your valuable family time!

Join me as we take this exciting and incredible journey together. I look forward to getting to know you all.