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Staying Healthy on a Budget as a Frequent Traveller

Make absolutely no mistake about it – staying healthy while you’re in your regular home environment and are settled into a regular routine is hard enough as it is, for different reasons of course, so you can only imagine how much harder it must be for budget frequent travellers who are on the move more than based they’re in one place. It’s definitely a serious challenge, but a challenge which can be won with just the right amount of effort and dedication.

So what does it take to stay healthy on a budget, as a frequent traveller?

An overall healthy-living plan

You will need to set long term health and fitness goals which give you ample time to reach them, otherwise the various setbacks you’re going to experience along the way can push you right off course and make it very difficult to recover and get back on track.

Room for re-alignments and adjustments

Ample room needs to be left for contingencies to take effect should you for example have to go an entire week without being able to stick to a specific eating plan or without working out. That tends to happen a lot when you’re constantly on the road.

Time left open for continuous reconnaissance missions

Your overall health and fitness plan will have to be a dynamic one, which means that you’re going to have to constantly assess where you are in relation to your goals and what you’d need to do in order to get closer to realising them. It’s a mission-and-a-half, especially since the constant breaks in the rhythm you’ll be trying to build up can set you back and undo any gains you may have made in the last while.

A solid mechanism with which to measure progress

Ask the hotel staff where you’re staying if there’s anywhere you can access a scale to measure your weight, just to make an example of the lengths you’ll have to go to in order to keep tabs on your progress. You’ll also have to learn how to make do with makeshift exercise equipment or learn to use your own body to make up for all the exercise equipment you’ll need.

A creative way to source healthy food and gain access to exercise facilities

I swear, you really do need to get creative by way of how you’re going to access healthy foods to buy as well as how you’re going to gain access to exercise facilities like gyms. It can otherwise prove to be extremely expensive, so you’ll have to think about things like buying gift baskets of the healthy variety (fruit baskets tend to have higher grade fruits and they work out cheaper than buying at fruit markets) to get your fix of organic, healthy foods you need, along with perhaps staying at budget hotels that have a gym facility on-site, inclusive of the price of the room.

It’s otherwise expensive trying to directly source foods which are known to be of the healthy variety, so too joining chain gyms for example over shorter periods of time.