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The Relationship between Health and Quality of Life

Most people might point to the existence of a relationship between the amount of money they make and the quality of life enjoyed as being the most telling of these links we can make in our lives, but it isn’t the most telling. The singular link to the quality of our lives which has the most significance is our health. The healthier you are the better quality of life you enjoy and of course money plays a big role, but it’s not the genesis.

Yes, money rules the world, as unfortunate as that may be to have to admit, but you need your health in order to earn your living, which is why breakfast is emphasised as the most important meal of the day for the fuelling of your workday or even for the fuelling of something like the school day which forms part of the education you get so that one day you can sustain yourself by earning a living. Things start to go pear-shaped when substitutes are used in place of a good, wholesome breakfast as part of your health regime, such as coffee and other stimulants.

Anyway, getting back to the relationship between health and quality of life, I guess I’ve already touched on how it all goes back to health when you look beyond money as the main driving force behind the quality of one’s life. If you’re lying in a hospital bed, terminally ill for instance (heaven forbid), you could have the best quality medical treatment money can buy and yet still succumb to your illness in the end, whereas if you were a little healthier and your body could have avoided that illness in the first place, you enjoy a higher quality of life by default.

Further proof of this resides in looking at what would be another unfortunate series of events, in which you might for instance have hired a car accident lawyer in Kent and won a huge settlement following a car accident you were injured in. Heaven forbid, but picture yourself as a paraplegic as a result of the accident and compare that to the range of motion you enjoy right now as a contextually fully-healthy person. If by some magic you were able to choose which one of those situations to be in, which one would you choose? Would you choose to be wheelchair-bound with a million dollars in your bank account or would you choose to be as able-bodied as you are, earning the decent salary that you currently earn?

Taking things from one extreme to the other, when you look at the health and fitness levels of someone like a professional sportsperson, they seldom have to worry about health issues and their health and fitness has a direct bearing on how much they earn, which in turn has a bearing on the quality of life they enjoy.

So the message, I guess, is take care your health first. Everything else will follow. The key to a good quality of life is your health.