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Peace of Mind as a Health Anchor

Peace of mind should make for one of the leading anchors around which to construct one’s collection of activities and commitments which contribute to their health, but it can also serve as a cue as well – it doesn’t just have to be an anchor. It’s quite simple really, complicated perhaps by all the information we’re fed in the form of sales offers for products and services which are supposedly meant to help us get healthy or stay healthy.

Mother Nature equipped our bodies with everything they need in order for us to be able to monitor our health, nurse ourselves back to fitness if needs be, and stay healthy. It’s our choice in what we put into our bodies which has gone on to mess things up and to be fair though, there is very little we can do about it at this point along our development as the human race.

Okay, so perhaps we do still have some options, but it all depends on where you are, doesn’t it, and perhaps more importantly, it depends on how much money you have in your pocket?

In the United States for example, what incentive do you have to eat healthy? The lives led are so busy, focused on career advancement to the point that pretty much any meal you’d want to eat is on the go. And the fast-food chains make it all super convenient for you too, so you won’t have to stress one bit if you couldn’t pop into any one of the many McDonald’s located along the route from your home to your workplace, because they can deliver your meal right to your office desk!

Go all the way across the world to East Asia and there are a different set of lifestyle challenges which work against maintaining health naturally. In places like Southeast Asia, although fast food is generally a considerable amount more expensive than healthier food choices, when it comes back down to convenience then the unhealthy food takes over again, like instant noodles. People tend to be slimmer there though and many of them make the good lifestyle choice of walking long distances which give them good physical exercise.

Still, as attested to by the fact that fewer and fewer women can even give birth naturally anymore, we seem to be working a dependence on synthetic medications into our evolution, which is dangerous because on the other side of the fence sits the big pharmaceutical companies who are only in this racket for the money.

Your body’s natural health barometer is one which is not often discussed because then nobody stands to gain anything financially out of it, but it is indeed peace of mind. Sure, peace of mind can be made provision for in many different ways, such as a visit the offices of your local attorney, but that only serves to bring to light that your health is a product of catering to many different areas of your life. It’s not just about eating right and exercising. It’s about anything which tells your mind that it can take it easy a bit and relax. It’s about equilibrium of the mind, or trying to achieve something close to that state.