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The Many Forms of the Famous Green Herb: 5 Types of Cannabis Products You May Not Have Heard Of

With medical cannabis becoming more common, people interested in investigating the variety of ways that cannabis can be consumed. Commonly, cannabis is shown as being smoked, however–no matter the benefits of cannabis–many doctors recommend against smoking cannabis. This is because smoke, no matter its source, is an irritant to the lungs and throat and can cause respiratory problems.

Luckily, you can still get the many benefits of marijuana without engaging in the risks by using cannabis in one of its many other forms. Here are five types of cannabis products you may not have heard of but will be interested in trying.

Oral sprays

Oral sprays and tinctures are administered sublingually. These THC/CBD mixtures will make you feel just like you smoked a joint, but won’t do any damage to your lungs or throat. Spritz it a couple times under the tongue and do not swallow. Wash it around your mouth and in an hour, you will start to feel the effects, and it will last for three to four hours. Depending on your tolerance, you will be doing this between six to eight times to get the adequate effects.

Chocolate bars

Cannabis infused candy bars can have a combination of THC or CBD and look just like a gourmet chocolate bar. They will still taste of marijuana mixed with chocolate and not like a Lindt bar, though. The ratios of CBD: THC in the bar can vary widely depending on what you’re looking for; however, you should gauge how much you’re going to eat based on the amount of THC in the bar. Edibles can be extremely potent when it comes to painkilling effects, which is why many people who suffer from chronic pain use them.

Cannabis-infused cola

The latest in cannabis products is cannabis-infused cola. This tasty beverage can come in several flavors and with different potencies of THC or CBD. If you browse Greenside Recreational, you’ll see flavors like cherry, root beer, or strawberry lemonade to quench your thirst. Some of these colas also have a kick of caffeine to amp up their potency. Many people enjoy them for how easy they are to consume, and how tasty they are overall.


The tiny, sticky crystals that coat cannabis flowers are called kief. These are called “trichomes,” glands, and this is where the cannabinoids like terpenes, CBD and THC, and flavonoids are. Since these trichomes can contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids, kief can pack a potent punch. You can extract kief yourself using a three-chambered grinder that will allow the crystals to fall through the screen and be collected. You can sprinkle kief onto your packed bowl or make a variety of DIY concentrates.


Crumble is a cannabis extract that is also called “honeycomb wax” due to its unique, waxy texture. Unlike most other extracts, crumble is one of the driest extracts on the market.
While many people use it for dabbing, crumble is quite versatile and can be used to sprinkle directly over a joint or bowl. Crumble’s versatility and potency make it very popular.