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How Your Environment Affects Your Health

Our environment affects us in more ways than we know, to a greater degree than we may be aware of. One of the areas of our lives in which our environment affects us is that of our health and these effects can sometimes be delivered in a very subtle manner that’s hard to pick up on to the untrained eye. There are many indicators as to how your environment affects you and you just have to know how to look out for them, ultimately with the view of improving your environment for better health.

As far as indicators to the effects of your environment on your health go, one of the least obvious of these is that of looking at none other than the insurance industry. It seems like quite the stretch, but hear me out a little…

Lots and lots of money gets poured into the research of the numbers concerned with the insurance industry, to the point that scholarships are handed out to prospective students that want to study the likes of Actuarial Sciences, Statistics, Accounting, etc. The reason for this is so that the insurance companies get it spot on with the numbers they work with in some very fine margins, analysing things like risk factors which are inherent in the environment a prospective client of theirs is faced with as part of their determination of insurance premiums.

So basically you’ll probably need some data from other policy holders of the likes of life insurance policies so that you can get a good idea of where you stand with regards to your risk factor. If you and your neighbour roughly earn the same salary and are roughly the same age, have roughly the same lifestyle then your life insurance premiums would be similar, for example.

However, if say a work colleague of yours also fits in with the same general demographic you’re in and yet the only thing which differs between the two of you are your living arrangements, if your life insurance premiums are higher it’s likely due to some higher risk factors identified in your particular living environment.

I’m using life insurance mostly as an example, but I should perhaps substitute that with health insurance because that might be a more accurate indicator of how your environment affects your health. It’s more of a direct indicator…

So going back to the example of being quoted higher insurance premiums, the typical car accident lawyer Oakland residents make use of the services of for instance gives a lot of insight into the effects of one’s environment on their health. A lot of the car accident cases dealt with are those which involve a driver and a passenger, typically a jogger. This speaks more than a thousand words about the general health consciousness of that particular environment in that it suggests that there are many residents in the area who lead active lifestyles and you’re personally likely to exercise more yourself if you see a lot more of your neighbours doing it every single day.