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7 Tips For Making A Comeback From a Back Injury

Suffering a back injury can be one of the worst ways to hurt yourself.  Whether you damage your spine in an accident or pull something while lifting with a rounded back, the pain can be excruciating.

Naturally, you’re probably eager to get well as soon as possible.  While there’s no way to magically make yourself better, there are some ways to speed up your recovery.   Here are some of the best tips for ensuring your injury improves.


You may not like to hear this, but you’re going to have to take a break for a while.  You may be anxious to hit the gym or get back to your weekly rock climbing, but you’ll have to forget about it for now.  Not only will failing to rest slow down your recovery, but you may even make matters worse!

See an Expert

Get proper medical attention from a specialist.  They’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what’s going on and what treatments you should undergo.  

There are a variety of types of specialist you may want to consider. Some people have enormous success with a chiropractor, while others prefer acupuncture.  It’s all about what your specific injuries are and what you feel is best for your recovery.


If you’re suffering from back spasms cupping is a great way to decrease their frequency.  Cupping increases the flow of fresh blood to the injured area, clearing out your system.

If you’ve never heard of cupping before, then you may want to study up on it.  It may seem bizarre at first; however, it’s gaining massive popularity in western culture because of its efficacy.

Use a Foam Roller

Using a foam roller will help ease your discomfort, especially if you’ve suffered a lower back injury.  Roll back and forth for several minutes a day until you start to feel relief.

Eat Sensibly

Many people don’t realize the connection between diet and injury recovery.  What you eat can play a crucial role in how fast you bounce back from your accident.

Try to minimize the number of starches and empty carbs that you eat.  Instead, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lean meats.

By taking on a diet which is full of healthy vitamins and nutrients, your body will have the tools it needs to spend its energy on healing.


Try to ice your back consistently.  Ice will take down any swelling caused by your injuries.  Depending on your specific set of circumstances your doctor may recommend alternating with heat.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol may counteract with whatever medications you’re on.  Additionally, you may fall or hurt yourself as a result of drinking.  Injuring yourself further is the last thing that you need when you’re trying to get over a back injury.