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5 Ways Your Busy Job Is Negatively Impacting Your Health

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who feel like your work is overwhelming you, you’re not the only one.  Working more than 50 hours a week can start to take its toll on your mind and body.

However, your work stress isn’t automatically a reflection of hours in your work week.  There are a variety of other factors which can come into play. The amount of responsibility you have, your relationship with coworkers, and overall satisfaction for your job.  8 hours of doing something you love may feel the same as working 4 minutes of something you detest.

If you’ve been feeling burned out at work recently, it may be time to start tuning into your body.    Here are some of the signs that your health is suffering.

Your Body Is Aching

The more than you work, the bigger your chances are for aches and pains. If you start to notice that the pain is happening more and more frequently, then it may be time to take an assessment of your health.

Feeling tired at the end of a long day is one thing, however, feeling exhausted and in pain is another.

Your Drinking Has Increased

Unfortunately, people who have stressful lifestyles tend to turn towards alcohol for relaxation.  Since your mind is always on overdrive, alcohol can help tune out the noise.

However, in turn, you’re increasing your chances of heart disease, addiction, and other dangerous consequences.

Decreased Productivity

It may seem counterintuitive; however, the more breaks the at you take, the more productive you can be.  Multitasking can actually inhibit your work speed. The more burned out you start to feel, the less you get done at the end of the day.

In fact, many studies show that the more hours you work in the week doesn’t always equate to more tasks achieved.  Humans weren’t built to work endlessly. Make sure that you take breaks every now and then.

You’re Constantly Tired

The less you sleep, the more tired you feel.  The more you work, the harder it can be to turn your mind “off when it’s bedtime.  You’ll be more irritable and less creative.

Even though you may see sleep as a luxury at times, it’s actually a crucial part of productivity.

You’re Depressed

If everything has started making you feel negative, then it’s time to assess whether you may be depressed.  When you don’t have anything else going on but work, it will start to take a toll on your mental health.

At the end of your life, you’ll be more grateful for the meaningful moments you created rather than the amount of hours you worked.