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Why Do Kids Love Visiting Wookey Hole from Bristol?

There are plenty of kid-friendly attractions in Bristol itself, but it’s sometimes worth looking a little further afield for places your little ones will love, especially if you’re booking a serviced apartment for a few weeks instead of simply visiting for a couple of days.

When you do look away from the city, Wookey Hole should stand out. It’s famous for its stunning series of limestone caves, but that’s far from all that it offers. Attractions sure to go down a treat with your kids include:

  • The Magical Mirror Maze: Creating the impression of a huge colourfully-vaulted crypt, the Magic Mirror Maze leads along twists and turns that trick you into thinking you’re going in the right direction. Over forty mirrors make up the maze, and you’ll even catch glimpses of the wizard once trapped within them by the evil Wookey Witch over 1000 years ago.
  • Wizards Play Castle: When your kids need to burn off some energy, the Wizards Play Castle will call to them. They can climb, slide, and jump within this massive play area.
  • Valley of the Dinosaurs: Take a step back in time and marvel at over 30 life-size dinosaurs. You can look up at anything from the blood-chilling Tyrannosaurus Rex to the veggie Stegosaurus. Encounters with a woolly mammoth and even early man are also to be expected.
  • Mystic Fairy Garden: For a more sedate experience, relax in the Mystic Fairy Gardens. There are plenty of fun little things for your young ones to find, and you can take in the River Axe as it bursts into sunlight from the dark caverns below.
  • Vintage Penny Arcade: Wookey Hole is home to the largest collection of original Vintage Penny Arcade machines in the country, and you can play them with real old pennies to be transported back to the glory days of the jolly British seaside holiday.