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Testing Your Body to Its Limits

For the most part, pretty much everything that has to do with our health in any way is recommended in moderation. In fact, as much as one specific kind of diet could account for specific developments in the body which are associated with that diet, too much of even the best of nutrients is never good. If you eat too much of something it can become somewhat poisonous to your body, which is one of the ways through which people develop allergies they weren’t born with.

However, the body, aided by the mind, is quite an amazing factory made up of all sorts of biological cogs, because so much of what it does as part of its normal range of functions and development is amazing and yet we take it for granted. For instance, if you happen to eat something which the body “knows” won’t agree with your biological constitution, you throw it up almost immediately or better yet, your nose tells you that it’s not something your taste buds will be happy about having to taste.

Your liver – your poor liver works so hard to absorb the many toxins which you put into your blood stream, some intentionally such as when you indulge in some alcoholic beverages, and others unintentionally, like if you’ve been sick with something and you’ve perhaps overdosed on some over-the-counter medicines.

If you stay up past your usual bed-time and you perhaps put in a series of prolonged shifts at work, to make another example, your body automatically makes running adjustments for the extra bit of energy you need, so you might perhaps find that you eat more than usual without noticing or that you shed a bit of weight as your body draws upon your existing energy reserves for fuel – your body fat.

The bottom line is we’re constantly testing our bodies to the limit and it’s constantly being tested to its limits by the environmental factors it interacts with. Sometimes we go beyond what were previously our bodies’ limits, but usually that results in the positive outcome of growth. If you fail dismally at lifting as certain weight of dumbbells for example and yet you persist in trying, eventually your muscles will be stimulated to grow and develop the strength which they perceive to be required for your “survival.”

Sometimes though, we tend to put our bodies to the test in more of a destructive manner, such as how you test the limits of your alcohol tolerance by over indulging. Sure, you can always get going again the next day with the availability of IVs in the Keys for instance, but that’s perhaps an option you’d undeniably love to know you have available to you, but you don’t necessarily want to have to exercise it as a matter of regularity.

So I guess it’s a matter of striking a balance. Put your body to its limits in every positive way that facilitates growth and improvement, but at the same time know exactly where to turn if you’ve perhaps overdid it a bit and you need some emergency assistance, medical or otherwise.