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Things You Should Never Do After Suffering A Head Injury

Recovering after suffering an injury to the head requires time and patience.  There’s no quick fix or easy cure. You have to wait it out and avoid mistakes which could make your healing time much longer.

If you’re currently suffering from a head injury, make sure that you never do the following during your recovery process.

Don’t Hit Your Head Again!

It seems pretty straight forward, but you’d be surprised how many people aren’t careful after experiencing a blow to the head.

If you got injured doing a specific activity such as playing a sport, then avoid the sport for now!  Risking the chance of getting injured again isn’t worth it. The consequences could be serious to the point of fatality if you’re not careful.

Don’t Drive

One of the most dangerous things you can do after a head injury is to get behind the wheel.  You may not only put yourself in danger but also other people on the road.

You should be sure to get permission from your doctor before driving since you don’t know if you’ll be capable yet.

Don’t  Drink

If you drink after a head injury, it will slow down your healing time.  In addition to holding back your body’s ability to heal, it may also negatively counteract with any medications you’re taking.

It’s not recommended to mix any kind of medication with alcohol since you can blackout or even have a seizure.

Don’t Be Too Active

Your body will need to take enough time to heal after a head injury.  You may find that you’re more tired than usual not only physically but also mentally.

It’s important that you don’t rush yourself into getting too active following your injury.  Listen to what your body needs and be patient with the process.

Try to rest your eyes and sleep at least eight hours a night.  Sometimes it’s easier said than done to put work off if you have important pressing tasks, but it’s essential for your recovery to avoid strain on your body.

Don’t Abuse Your Medication

If medication is called for to ease the pain, be sure only to take the dose prescribed by your doctor.  Abusing medication can result in negative physical effects as well as the potential for addiction.

If your pain and discomfort still persist after taking your prescribed medication, make an appointment with your doctor immediately to discuss your options. It’s better to receive a professional medical opinion rather than self-medicating and potentially damaging yourself worse.

The most important thing is your recovery, so be patient and treat yourself kindly.  Over time you’ll feel better and will back on your feet.