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Stay Healthy In Your Office Space: Tips For Sedentary Professionals

Professionals who work at a desk several hours per week place themselves at a higher risk for a slew of health problems, unless they have a few healthy habits in place.  There are plenty of ways to adjust your daily routine to promote your physical health, even in the most sedentary of professional positions.

If you’re looking for some effective ways to maintain a healthy body while also working a desk job, take a few moments to enlighten yourself.  Here are some helpful tips that promote health in sedentary office professionals.

Get up and move

Sitting in one space for too long without moving is terrible for your body’s blood circulation, especially if you don’t have good posture.  Restricted blood flow can cause damage to your extremities over time, and even high blood pressure.  

Get up and move.  The Apple Watch has a feature that will tell you to get up when it’s time, but you should be moving your body at least once every couple of hours.  Even if it means simply standing for a few moments, get up and move.

Let the sun shine

Humans need the sunlight to maintain a healthy body.  Sunlight enriches your body’s Vitamin D supply, and Vitamin D will help sustain your mental stability as well.  Let the sun shine into your workspace as much as possible.

If you work in a dim office area with no windows, consider getting yourself a portable light made to simulate natural sunlight.  Also, adding live plants to your workspace will provide cleaner air for your time spent hard at work.

Eat and snack better

Sitting stationary at a desk all day is prime cause for excess snacking.  It’s not to say that you shouldn’t snack at work, but you need to be cognizant of what you are putting into your body.  

Eat and snack on healthy foods throughout the day, and you won’t have as much to worry about when it comes to your health.  Peanuts, avocados, fresh fruits, and veggies are all great snack foods to keep around the office.

Stay hydrated as you work

It’s important to stay hydrated as you work.  It’s also super easy to forget to drink water when you’re brain deep in your professional responsibilities.  Find ways to keep water in your hand, so you won’t accidentally dehydrate your body.

Don’t sit for hours without using the restroom

Fighting against Mother Nature isn’t smart.  Don’t sit at your desk for hours without using the restroom.  For men especially, holding your urine in for too long can cause some pretty terrible issues over time.  Women can battle bladder issues causing incontinence.