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Self-Care in the Capital

Moving to London might be one of the most important, exciting things you ever do! It’s a city with a lot to offer, whether you love theatre, fashion, music or food London is world class in the field. It’s also a powerhouse of entrepreneurial invention, making it a great place to come to launch a business or get experience working at the cutting edge of your industry with the best in the field.

All of this opportunity has a dark side: the risk of burnout. Work hours are long, and the siren song of the city after you’ve left the office means you’re rarely getting the time you need to rest, and relax, or even feed yourself properly. Self-Care is a vital skill to learn to make sure your life as a Londoner is a happy as you want it to be!


London may offer a lot of distractions, but it’s important to keep some time for yourself. Even the most energetic extrovert needs time to sleep, to rest and make sure they have clean laundry. Try to keep at least a couple of nights a week as time at home. Cultivating the ability to prioritise your time, and do everything that’s really important to you without running yourself to the point of exhaustion is an important skill, so start as early as you can, and reap the benefits in feeling better rested.

Beauty and Pampering

For some, to truly relax they need a little pampering. What that means for you depends on your preferences and budget: some people need to slide into a hot bath at the end of a long day, others look forward to a facemask and a glass of wine. If you really need to feel taken care of, you could book in with the professionals. If you look for a Skin Clinic, London will have plenty for you to book into, offering facials, laser treatment, and other treatments that can be matched to exactly what you need to feel good. It’s also important for men to indulge in a little bit of pampering. Many men enjoy incorporating a little luxury into their shaving routine like the guys at Get Razor Advice.

Professional Self-Care

For too many people, the idea of self-care starts and stops with comfort: a bath, a lie in, a favourite movie. To ensure you’re living a healthy, balanced life you need to bring the notion of self-care to work with you.

Make sure you take all the breaks you’re entitled to: even if you’re busy, you can boost both your mood and your productivity by getting away from your screen. Be honest with yourself and assess how work makes you feel: you might need to rebalance and admit that you’ve taken on too much in order to avoid burnout. On the other hand, it may lead to the revelation that you’re ready to take on more work and responsibilities.

If you want to make the best of life in London, you need to make sure you’re taking care of yourself – in the ways that are most meaningful and important to you.