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The Perfect Mix: Choose Your Next E Liquid Based on These 4 Tips

When you speak of E liquid, the vape is all that matters. Picking an E liquid can be such a hard task especially when you have no idea of what to go for.  You might be wondering if e liquid is healthy. When it comes to the wellness of a human being, e liquid has its side effects but its healthier compared to the normal cigarettes.

If you are planning to purchase the next liquids, the following tips are what you need to know for a savoring a non-forgetful taste of the E liquid.

Decide on the Flavor

The first thing to do, is to choose the vape liquid flavors you want. There are several flavors to choose from, depending on your preference.  Here are some of the flavors to consider; fruity flavors, minty flavors, sweet and fruity flavor.

Fruity flavors such as mango, strawberry, apples and mango give you a fruitful taste. Sweet flavors such as cappuccino, and coffee can make an incredible mixture.

But if you don’t like these, just opt for that minty flavor which can be extracted from spearmint or menthol flavor.

Hint, be adventurous, and don’t just stick to one kind of flavor.  Explore all flavors before settling for your favorite.

Consider the Amount of Nicotine

You need to practice rightful lifestyle habits that is why the amount of nicotine in your body is necessarily important You can as well research on other sites to gives you insights concerning all you need to know about nicotine in your body.

Moreover, E liquids come with different levels of nicotine percentages, you can choose and determine the level of strengths suitable for your body. Always remember that high percentage of nicotine can cause frequent headaches. You can opt for the one with 0% nicotine. It makes about 0 to 2.4% of the total ingredients.

Go For Quality Brands

Cheap is always expensive. Choose quality and not quantity. At times it’s difficult to differentiate real from fake. That is why you need to be careful when purchasing one.  Some of these products are unhealthy and can cause serious health issues.

The higher the quality, the more fulfilling it can be. Opt for trusted band and you will certainly smile all the way. Research for more genuine brands. Alternatively, you can seek review concerning the same through the internet.

The PG/VG Ratio is Equally Important

Every e- liquid consist of propylene glycol () and vegetable glycerin (VG). If you are a newbie, the recommended ratio to indulge in is 99%. When you become more of an expert, then you lower this ratio to 50%. Nevertheless this ratio determines the impacts that will be left by this liquid. Also determine whether these products are resistant to your body and if you experience allergic reactions such as stomach aches.

Bottom Line

Finally, when you need to dig deep and try different kinds of e liquids that would suit your body. With time you will definitely get the best especially perfect for you. Consider the safe options when choosing an e liquid product.