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Natural Stick Deodorant vs. Normal Stick Deodorant: What’s the Difference?

Deodorant is a must if you want to smell fresh and feel clean throughout the day. But, most store bought stick deodorants contain all sorts of harmful ingredients that can cause a host of health issues.

The good news is that you don’t have to disregard deodorant altogether. You can make the simple choice and switch to a natural stick deodorant that will keep sweating and odor at bay. Natural deodorant uses only the best of the best ingredients to keep you feeling and smelling good without clogging your pores or disrupting your internal health.

Here’s what you need to know about your deodorant options as well as how to choose the best natural deodorant.

The Problem with Normal Stick Deodorant

Deodorant may just be the most harmful product that we put on our skin. Deodorant prevents our body from secreting toxins which impacts the body’s natural detoxifying and cleansing process. This can lead to clogged pores and high levels of chemicals in the body.

Combined with the existence of all sorts of harmful chemicals, normal stick deodorant can be quite problematic. Here are some of the most dangerous ingredients that are found in some of the top deodorant brands.


Parabens are widely used in skincare products, including deodorant. They are used as preservatives as a way to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold.

When introduced into the body, parabens can mimic estrogen activity. This disrupts hormonal balances and can lead to organ toxicity, hormone-related cancers, and even early puberty in children.


Triclosan is another ingredient that is widely found in most skincare products. In fact, the ingredient is so common that around 75% of Americans have detectable levels in their urine!

Triclosan has been classified as a pesticide by the EPA and the FDA has pushed for the ingredient to no longer be used in soaps and toothpastes. While the ingredient is quite effective at killing bacteria, it kills all bacteria on your skin, including the good kind!

While there are no conclusive studies that have been conducted on humans, animal studies have found the triclosan disrupts normal hormone activity of the thyroid.

Aluminum Compounds

Aluminum is the main ingredient in deodorant that prevents sweating and clogs the pores. The ingredient has also been linked to a variety of health issues such as disruption to estrogen levels and even a possible connection to Alzheimer’s disease.

Aluminum may also be linked to breast cancer since deodorants are applied very close to the breast. Various studies have indicated a potential connection to aluminum and breast cancer but there is no conclusive scientific evidence.


Phthalates are used in deodorant in order to make the product stick to your skin. While no one wants to put on deodorant that doesn’t last all day, phthalates have been linked to all sorts of health issues including:

  • Higher risk of asthma
  • Disruption to androgen function
  • Impacted fetal development

The ingredient has even been linked to a lower IQ! It’s scary to think that a product you use once a day may lead to lasting health conditions.

Why Natural is Better

Knowing what you know about the various harmful ingredients in deodorant, you’re likely wondering if there’s a healthier alternative. The good news is that natural stick deodorant can keep you fresh and sweat-free while also giving you the peace of mind that you aren’t impacting your health.

Aside from the natural ingredients, natural deodorant is beneficial in that it does the opposite of normal deodorant! Traditional deodorants keep you from sweating, but the fact is that sweating is a natural cleansing and detoxifying process. Not sweating can do more harm than good.

Sweating keeps your body cool and removes toxins. The problem with traditional deodorants is that they inhibit you from sweating which in turn traps toxins inside your body. Over time, these toxins find their way into your bloodstream and lymph nodes.

By using a natural deodorant, you can allow your body to continue its natural processes all while keeping yourself fresh and smelling nice!

How Natural Ingredients Work

Wondering how natural deodorant works? The main active ingredients are magnesium, zinc oxide, and charcoal. Magnesium deodorizes while zinc converts fatty acids that cause body odor into odorless salts! These two ingredients don’t impact your natural moisture which means you never have to worry about rash, redness, or other skin irritation.

Because natural deodorants only use organic ingredients, they’re ideal for adults, children, and even those with highly sensitive skin.


We all know the importance of deodorant. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having an odor! Be sure that you’re keeping yourself fresh in the safest and healthier way possible by switching to natural stick deodorant.