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Marriage and Beauty Have More in Common Than You Think

Have you ever thought about the similarities between marriage and beauty? These two are the most important aspects of our lives and share some common features too. Do you think that the factors that make your marriage last long can work on your beauty too?

If yes, then take a look at this article where I am detailing the eerie similarities between both.


Commitment is the fundamental ingredient of a good life. When you are in a relationship, you have to put 100% efforts on acknowledging your commitment to a person.

You cannot have huge expectations, as they are almost always bad for a relationship. There will be shaky moments in your ride and you might panic as well. However, every roadblock will be strengthening your relationship.

With beauty too, there is nothing more important than commitment. If you love your skin, you will make efforts to keep it healthy. You cannot get glowing skin overnight. You have to work on it for years. Sometimes, some products will not work. But that doesn’t mean you will stop caring for your skin.

Just like marriage, you would have to adjust with situations that do not go well with your personal preferences. Eventually you will be graced with a happy married life with hair and skin to be proud of.


Honesty is another foundation stone for a successful marriage. Building trust with your better half takes a lot of time and effort. You can feel committed to your relation in the spur of a moment, but building trust takes time.

If you are honest with your partner, you will be comfortable in your relationship. You will only be left with small decisions to make- like where to spend the weekend or which toaster to buy. Honestly helps you relax and clears your mind of worries.

Similarly, you have to be true to yourself when you think about beauty. You have to realise that you are beautiful the way God created you.

You can be beautiful even if you do not resemble a Hollywood celebrity.

Do not follow what popular culture asks you to. Create your own style, stay natural and have patience. You will become the best version of yourself in time.

Having fun

Fun is not an option. It is mandatory to have fun with your partner. You are here to make memories and smile. Do not let any worries and tensions eat your happiness. The plan is to enjoy life, not to survive a boring, lifeless relationship.

In beauty too, you have to stop being too serious.

Don’t get caught up with ads and photoshopped images. You cannot live a happy life thinking you are inferior to someone else. Self- confidence is a big part of your beauty, so try be nothing but you. Remember that time when your hairstylist ruined your hair? It happens. You want something, they want something else. The fun lies in designing creative ways to hide that hair till it grows out.

The general principals of life always remain the same. So, make sure that you always bring your best to the table.