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Lies and Damn Lies About Fitness

The more you search about fitness the more lies you will be fed with. The industry wants you to accept some frauds so that they can sell their products.

Here you will be reading about some common fitness lies you should stop believing immediately if you really want to be fit and healthy.

Being slim is healthy

If you think that being slim is healthy then you are completely wrong.  People have different body shapes that cannot be altered. A slim person can both be a runner or a chain smoker. On the other hand, a person who has a high BMI can be performing rigorous exercises without difficulty.

We have always been told the lie of getting slim to become fit but most of us don’t realise that fitness does not always rely on the shape of our body.

You cannot skip breakfast

According to researches there are no evident reasons to call breakfast the most important meal. If you start ignoring lunch or dinner while solely relying on breakfast you cannot become healthy. Every meal we eat is as much important as the others.

As a matter of fact, you can skip breakfast if you do not feel like eating. Forceful eating will only cause harm to your body. You should only eat the amount of food you feel like eating instead of following a rigid dietary plan.

Spot reduction

It is one of the most famous lies I have ever come across. The world is full of exercises that claim to melt away your thigh fat or give you a slimmer belly. Spot reduction is impossible as fat percentage of our body gets reduced uniformly.

You just have to avoid a condition of calorie surplus with a focused workout routine to eliminate excess fat from your body.  Stop wasting your money on magical pills and creams as the least they can do is harm your body.

Detox diets

If you have a healthy liver and kidney, there is no need of a detox diet to eliminate all the toxins from your body.  Do you really believe that an exotic juice will cleanse your body? Or special food recipes will remove toxins from your organs?

If you keep yourself away from excessive junk food and alcohol your liver and kidney will be more than capable of removing unwanted toxins from your body. Just try to take deep breaths and drink lots of water to keep them in optimal condition.

Comfortable workouts

There is an entire industry that deals with workouts that are not challenging but have effect on your muscles.  Some of them are- casual walking, 5-minute daily cardio, three exercises to get abs, slow running and other sorts of movements of moderate intensity.

If you are not including intensity in your workouts then you will never achieve any result. It’s as simple as trying to drive a car in neutral, you will never reach anywhere. You will have to apply progressive overloading in order to have size gains or you will never look like the model telling you to do a 5-minute cardio.

These lies have haunted almost all of us and it’s time to get logical about getting fit. Trust only reasonable advice.