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Why January is the perfect time to get back to the gym

A recent study found that exercising more, losing weight, eating more healthily, and taking a more active approach to health were the four most common New Year’s resolutions in the UK. Here we look at why January is the optimum time to hit the gym, dust off the cobwebs, and shed those Christmas pounds:

Weight loss 

Christmas is a time for indulgence, but the number of festive events in the run-up to Christmas have a drastic impact on our health and wellbeing. It can be tempting to continue this level of indulgence into January. Offset the impact on your waistline by joining or returning to the gym. Not only will regular exercise boost your fitness and help to shed those extra pounds, but you also won’t feel like you have to completely restrict your food-intake in January. Rather than a drastic fad diet, try some exercise and eat in moderation. 

National Hobby Month 

January is National Hobby Month, with more and more people looking for something new and invigorating to fill their time with in the New Year. The NHS recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week, as well as strength exercises on two or more days a week. Therefore, exercise should form a part of our daily lives, so thinking of it as a hobby, something fun, and something you do for you can be a great way to incorporate it into yours. 

A shared goal 

Gym traffic tends to increase by 40 per cent during January. With New Year’s resolutions and a ‘fresh start’ mentality, a lot of people join the gym with a similar goal in mind. As a result, the gym can be a great way to socialise with other like-minded people. You can meet friends at the gym, or you can encourage your existing friends to join you. Group exercise has been shown to have huge benefits, particularly for those who find the gym intimidating when alone. 

Maximise ‘Dry January’ 

‘Dry January’ – the one-month booze-free challenge that has been sweeping the nation for the past few years – is a great excuse to hit the gym. Use the hours you would normally spend drinking to fit in some extra exercise, and your body will definitely respond better given your teetotal and healthier lifestyle.

Beat the January blues 

January is often thought to be the most miserable of the months. Christmas has been and gone, money is tight, the days are cold and dark, and you feel lethargic after the excitement of December. Instead of succumbing to the January blues, get an energy boost and release some positive endorphins by hitting the gym. 

Looking for a retreat? 

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