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Important Considerations Before Going Under The Knife

The first and most important thing you need to know before choosing to have an elective surgery is that every time you are put under anesthesia, there is a risk to your health.  Though anesthesia is a precise medical practice, every human body is a little bit different.

When you make the choice to get plastic surgery of any kind, it’s vital that you consider how to best preserve your health in the process.  Here are a few important issues to consider before going under the knife.

Consider the “why” in it all

Making the decision to go under the knife should be a process.  Consider the reason behind it all. Why do you really feel like you need to have an elective surgery?  Ask yourself all of the hard questions, before you have permanent changes done to your body.  

Consider the full spectrum of effects that will surround your surgery, and make certain that you are truly making the right choice.  It’s hard to forget about a bad decision that you can see every day (like a bad tattoo, but worse).

Make certain you have a competent surgeon

If plastic surgery is a certainty, you need to do plenty of research.  Research several different surgeons in your area, and never travel for plastic surgery.  You will want to be home for your recovery, and the TSA doesn’t bode well with bandages and drains.  

Choose a surgeon who is certified by one of the 24 sects of the American Board of Medical Specialties.  You don’t want a medical malpractice case on your hands (or face).  Be aware of the proverbial red flags, like a doctor who claims to be the “only one performing a certain procedure.”

Most plastic surgery is an ongoing process

When you choose to get breast implants, the initial surgery is just the first of several future surgeries.  You can’t simply get implants, and then never address them again. Most breast implants need to be revamped every ten years or so to maintain their appearance.  

Repeated surgeries put stress on your body and your bank account.  Make sure you will have the means to properly maintain the new addition to your physique.  

Think about the worst case scenario

You shouldn’t be a “negative Nancy” over your upcoming surgery, but every patient should be familiar with what could happen should things go wrong.  You should always consider the worst case scenario, before deciding whether or not the surgery is worth the risk.  

Take a thorough peek at the facility

You should vet the surgeon, but don’t stop there.  Make a pass through the surgeon’s office. If the lobby is flooded with people who are paying much less than market value for their operations, then you know there’s an issue.