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Funding and Maintaining an On-Premises Fitness Centre

Travellers who pick out accommodation based on amenities such as free Wi-Fi know that those aren’t really free, but are rather worked-in to the fee they pay. However, this doesn’t mean you’re not getting a good deal as there are certain things which would cost you so much more if you had to pay for them to cover the extent to which you use them while on holiday. For example, if you took as long a shower at home as you probably do in your hotel room, what would your utility bill look like? If you had access to the on-premises fitness centre back home, how much would that add to your monthly rent?

This brings into view the kind of thinking which may be required of those people who perhaps want to be able to enjoy the amenities they have access to while on holiday, back home. If for instance you wanted to be able to walk to a fitness centre without leaving the building or premises, you might have to be the one to make it happen, or at least collaborate with the powers that be to make it happen.

Ultimately it’s a matter of cost and so if you want to get your Home Owners Association (HOA) on board with an on-premises gym, you just have to present the idea in a way that demonstrates to them that it won’t make for a financial burden. In fact, it can make for just another channel through which some more collections can be made.

Getting existing members on board

The existing members of the HOA will be really easy to get on board a project to create a fitness centre they can access without having to drive far. Naturally some of them won’t be interested in anything to do with fitness, as is the case with people in general, but those members can also still get involved in the project. These members will be involved as investors, while those members who do intend on using the fitness facilities will be involved both as investors and as users.

What would happen is the money which each member currently uses on a gym membership with a chain gym, perhaps, redirects that money into the construction of an on-site gym. Financing can be obtained if required.

The facility will then be opened up to the general public, but then these other members of the public who aren’t part of the HOA will have to pay for the use of the gym, so it’ll function like a regular business which brings in money that way.

Using existing HOA management infrastructure

To manage the logistics and administration of the project, both during the construction phase and the operational phase, existing HOA management infrastructure can be used, such as perhaps the app which your HOA uses. The best of such platforms are filled with features that can be used beyond just the everyday tasks of HOA and property management, with something like the management of an on-site gym making for the perfect example of that kind of extensibility on offer.