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Effective Studying As an Adult

The reason why you hated studying as a kid in school and as a college student is because it’s only natural for your brain not to want to be forced to have to remember so much information about what is a subject which doesn’t form part of what it has to remember for basic survival. It’s basic instinct taking over, in that as much as it has been made to form part of the regular course of development going to school and studying some or other “man-made” topic, we still have a hard time retaining that information.

Your brain allocates its colossal brainpower to tasks which it deems important for your basic survival, such as how toddlers learn how to speak, walk, feed themselves and basic reasoning as well. So you cannot be faulted for having hated to study – to cram.

The only thing is that we live in a world which has moved far, far away from a reliance on the basic instincts we’re all born with for survival. If you don’t make it a certain height up the mainstream economic system ladder for example, you’ll be left behind, finding yourself having to deal with a set of very difficult problems just to fend for yourself and survive.

For example, you can’t apply for a job if you don’t have a single penny to your name, because it costs money to access the internet for example and it costs money to use the power it takes to operate something like a computer on which you would type up your resume. It costs money to get the type of qualifications which will land you that job which pays a salary you can depend on for your survival and it just cost money for basic survival in this day and age.

So you pretty much have to fight through your natural hate for studying, a task which becomes that much more challenging if you’re an adult and you have responsibilities such as having to go to an existing job and/or raising children, managing a home, running a company, etc.

The average job sucks the soul out just enough to leave you with the little bit you need to go home and barely complete the other tasks forming part of your responsibilities, so you can just imagine how much of a difficult task it is for those family-oriented people who find the time to study further and perhaps upgrade their qualifications.

With your college days probably now a long way behind in your rear-view mirror, perhaps even having disappeared out of sight, it’s quite amazing how as adults we truly learn how to study effectively. It’s funny how it seems like you would have never come across a Real Estate Prep Guide if you were looking to get into the real estate industry by studying some related course at college, but as an adult these resources seem to be available in abundance.

Whether or not you have useful study guides such as the one mentioned though, ultimately when you’re an adult it’s all about getting to the point with whatever it is you’re studying and studying for.