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Taking Care of Yourself: 5 Crucial Elements of a Healthy Pregnancy

Expecting a baby can be overwhelming. Changes will be inevitable and perhaps your lifestyle is bound to change as well. But you’re your own boss. You need to take care of yourself especially during this crucial and sensitive period. And to do this, you ought to put specific elements into practice. Perhaps no one else cares about you and your baby more than you yourself mom. Here are 5 important elements of a healthy pregnancy.

  1. Prenatal Care

Having regular prenatal care is very important for the health of your pregnancy. Your overall pregnancy health needs to be checked throughout your pregnancy and this might require that you visit the medical professional regularly. But with the current advancement in technology, you do not have to be frequently disturbing your doctor each and every time you feel something unusual. Did you know that you can now track your lower abdomen contractions regularly on your own? Well, yes you can. With a smart tracker like that of Bloomlife, you can monitor your abdominal contractions anywhere and at any time. So you won’t have to visit your doctor every time. 

  1. Good Nutrition

Perhaps you’ve been experiencing frequent and unpleasant pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and fatigue. As normal as they may seem, good nutrition can help balance the mood swings. During your pregnancy, a well-balanced diet should include calcium, vitamin C, protein, iron-rich foods, whole grains, adequate fat, fruits, and vegetables. And what’s more interesting about good nutrition is that by taking care of yourself, you’ll be taking care of your future angel too.

  1. Take the Right Supplements

There are key nutrients that you should take during your pregnancy. And you may not get enough of these key nutrients through the foods you consume. And without enough of these nutrients, the risks of birth brain and spine defects will be higher. For instance, the US Food and Drug Administration recommends that pregnant women should consume 800 micrograms a day of folic acid. But not all supplements are good for you and your doctor should guide you through.

  1. Exercising

Stress could be inevitable during your pregnancy period due to a number of issues. Your muscles also need to be stronger during this time. Which is why exercising once in a while can be one of the best remedies. Exercising helps strengthen your muscles, improve sleep, improve posture and alignment, relieve stress, reduce backaches, and aid in blood circulation. Aerobic exercises like swimming, jogging, and walking work to stimulate your lungs and heart. But it’s better if you first consult your doctor before beginning any exercises to know which ones will be safe. 

  1. Take All Medications as Prescribed

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can stop using medication and still be okay. Of course not. Being healthy will also result in a healthy pregnancy. And if you’re having a chronic illness or diabetes, you’ll need to take your medications as prescribed by a certified doctor. During this time, consult your doctor to confirm if you can continue with the same prescription or if the doctor will prescribe new ones for your maximum benefits. Also, avoid taking over-the-counter medicines as much as possible. To be safe, consult your medical professional prior to taking the medication.


Every pregnancy can be very challenging. Especially when it’s your first time. But with the right guidance and information, you will be able to lead a healthy pregnancy. You will encounter very few and manageable hassles during the process. This information will be very helpful in ensuring both you and your unborn baby get the best out of the period. There are several other relevant blogs where you can find more information about healthy pregnancy.