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Your Body Image Matters: 5 Physical Flaws a Dermatologist Can Fix with the Help of Modern Technology

It’s so easy for people today to tell you that true beauty comes from the inside, and that you should be happy with your body no matter what it looks like.

While there is a grain of truth to those sayings, it can also be very difficult to love yourself if there are things about your body that you are very self-conscious about. Some things just are not fixable and you will need to come to terms with them, but other things are, so why not go ahead and take of them so you can begin your self-love process?

Many physical flaws can be fixed through dermatological treatments today due to increased, innovative technology. Here are 5 flaws you thought you had forever that can actually be treated with the help of modern technology.

Say Goodbye: 5 Flaws Fixed by Dermatologists

  1. Age spots. Most of us assume that as we age, we are stuck with these ugly, flat brown circles on our skin. It’s part of growing up and not taking care of our skin, right? Wrong.

While sun exposure does tend to lead to age spots, or solar lentigines, working with your dermatologist can help you get rid of or diminish the signs. Ask your dermatologist if there is something they feel will work for your skin type and condition.

  1. Cellulite. Another common aging issue in the majority of women is cellulite. This can be caused by hormonal factors or inherited genetically. It is a big concern for many women because they tend to have thinner skin than men, which makes the appearance of cellulite more obvious.

If you want to get rid of this dimpled skin, avoid topical creams that have temporary effects. Instead, modern technology lets dermatologists use laser treatments and other minimal or non-invasive procedures to attack the problem at its root.

  1. Visible or extensive moles. Moles can be hereditary or come from hormonal changes, but they are not usually welcome and can even be dangerous. One-third of melanomas arise from the mole area, which is why most doctors advise that you monitor your moles closely for changes.

There are many people who have moles in places that are distracting and hurt their self-esteem, as well. Instead of just dealing with your mole concerns, let your dermatologist remove them completely! 

  1. Fatty areas. Sometimes, no matter how hard you diet or exercise, you have those areas of stubborn fat that just won’t go away. These areas can take a toll on your self-image, but they don’t have to stay!

Talk to your dermatologist about the new ways to get rid of those fatty areas that are causing your concerns.

  1. Spider veins. Even though the physical imagine concern of spider veins is important, there are also major health issues that need to be considered, as well. They tend to be caused from weight gain or inactivity, and the more pressure applied to them, the worse they get, often resulting in medical problems.

Luckily, they are easily treatable through laser therapy. This therapy will solve the problem at the source and prevent the veins from continuing to grow.

Don’t Let Your Skin Problems Affect Your Image

With all of the advances in technology, taking care of your skin issues can be easier (and maybe even cheaper) than you think! Contact your dermatologist today to see how he or she can help you get rid of those flaws and become confident in yourself.