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Adjustable beds for snoring.

If you or your partner are having trouble sleeping due to either (or both) of you snoring an adjustable bed may just be the answer to your problems.

How can an adjustable bed help stop snoring?

Adjusting a bed so that the snorer is in a more upright position can reduce the severity of snoring. This is because when we lie on our back gravity pulls on our tonsils, palate and tongue; causing our airway to restrict and create a tight chamber.  A tight chamber in our throat is the perfect environment for the vibrations of our breathing to be intensified and amplified.

An adjustable bed allows you to raise the top part of your bed and is a much more certified fixer than just adding extra pillows because our body can adjust to the snoring position when we fall asleep (which we can’t do on the adjustable bed).

How can I find the right adjustable bed?

There are many great beds out there and you can even get beds which are tailored to you. Companies such as Middletons can tailor make the beds to suit you and your partner and you can get double beds that can be adjusted differently on each side!