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9 Ridiculous Rules About Fitness

You might have heard of some golden rules of fitness that can improve your workout sessions, but do they really work? Although some guidelines are logical yet most are based on bro-science and you should eliminate them before starting your programme. Here are some such ridiculous fitness rules.

Cardio is the king of weight loss

Weight training can give you better results at losing fat. Yes, after lifting weights your body burns more calories to repair your muscles for the next 3 days. For best results you should combine few cardio sessions with your weight lifting schedule.

Stretching before workout

Static stretching is known to reduce your strength by 3-4%. Always perform dynamic stretching before any workout as it will not only prepare your muscles for action but also save your precious strength. Moreover, it is not compulsory to stretch before running.

Parallel squats

Performing squats requires a full range of motion and stopping at 90 degrees will only harm your knees. The protective ligaments in our knees allow us to go below the parallel line which recruits the entire muscle fibre and burns more calories.

Always training a single body part

Compound movements always provide better results than training a single muscle. These movements are based on the functional ability of our body that focus on strength gain and burning fat. For ex- a deadlift incorporates 13 muscles from our shoulders to our toes.

Crunches eliminate fat

Spot reduction is impossible as fat gets eliminated uniformly from our body. We can build strong abs by performing crunches but they will be lying behind the layer of fat. Incorporate HIIT in your workout to get rid of excess fat.

High reps for toning

If your rep range is above 12, it will help in increasing the endurance of the muscle but not result in size gain. You will have to include conditioning and functional training to tone your muscles. Likewise, maintaining a calorie deficit diet will help in reducing fat and increasing muscle vascularity.

No pain no gain

There is a difference in feeling a burn in your muscles and experiencing pain in them. If you ever feel pain in your muscles always stop the activity then and there. In case you continue training you can severely injure you muscle tissue.

Lifting heavy weights

Muscle hypertrophy depends upon the volume of your workout rather than lifting heavy weights.  If you perform exercises in the correct posture with weights you can handle, then your muscles are bound to grow. Progressive overloading is necessary to induce muscle growth without risking your joints.

Soaking in ice bath after workout

There is no scientific proof that backs up the idea of icing the body after workout.  Many of the supporters of this routine have come up with the problem of delayed results as the healing process gets affected due to reduced temperature.

It is necessary to understand that one can never achieve a fit body without having the right knowledge about their workouts. You have to be sure about some critical aspects of fitness that can save you from future accidents.