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7 Myths about Beauty

Skin and hair care has always been one of the most talked about topics among numerous beauty advocates and their professional circles.

Amidst the overflow of rubbish information, you need to brush up of beauty knowledge with some real facts. Today, I am debunking some of the most popular beauty myths that have distressed women around the world.

Myth: Moisturiser heals dry skin

Truth: Although moisturiser is made to provide hydration to dry skin, healing depends on various factors. Moisturizers can only help you until you keep applying it. Once you stop their use, they will no longer be useful.

To truly heal your skin, you should exfoliate it thoroughly. Dead skin cells make hydration difficult. They often gather up and make moisturizer difficult to reach your skin. The pores are also blocked, causing more stress on the skin.

Therefore, make sure that you exfoliate fully before you apply a moisturizer. Apply coconut oil and other moisturizers. They will heal the skin fully.

Myth: Toothpaste has magical properties

Truth: Toothpaste is known as an emergency solution to dry out zits as it has menthol as an active ingredient. But this home remedy can cause unwanted skin conditions like itching or irritation.

Toothpaste will surely reduce the size of your pimples but it cannot get rid of them. On the other hand, you will have to deal with dry and itchy skin for the next few days.

Myth: Shaving hair in opposite direction is better

Truth: Shaving hair in the opposite direction of their growth will give you a smooth skin but it has side effects too. When we shave body hair in the opposite direction, we can create in-growths, that can give you an uncomfortable and itchy sensation. Closely shaved hair can also curl backwards giving you unwanted bumps.

Myth: Caffeine is bad for skin

Truth: Caffeine is really helpful in reducing dark circles around our eyes. It tightens the blood vessels around the eye region, helping reduce the morning puffiness many of us go through. You will have to apply caffeine under your eyes topically every morning for best results.

Myth: Avoid sunscreen when it’s cloudy

Truth: I request you to use sunscreen even when the sky is capped with clouds or even when the sunrays do not look bright enough to cause you harm. Clouds stop only 20% of UV rays. The rest 80% can still harm your skin. Never forget the sunscreen.

Myth: Grey hair grow in doubles

Truth: Picking grey hair will never ever leave you with another pair of grey hair. However, excessive plucking can create bald patches. If you do not like grey hair, simply colour them. If not, embrace them. Enjoy your ‘salt n pepper’ look.

Myth: Wash skin as often as possible

Truth: Keeping your skin safe from dust and oils is a good idea but excessive cleaning will eventually cause harm.  Pimples can’t be treated by washing your face repeatedly. It will only dry your skin causing itching, irritation and redness. You skin will start producing extra oil to counter the dryness and you will have more breakouts.

How many myths did you believe in? Let me know in the comments below.