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5 Reasons to Use a Power Wheelchair Instead of a Manual Wheelchair

Maybe you’ve been using a wheelchair for years, or perhaps you’ve just been told to start using one. In either case, you’ll probably assume that manual wheelchairs are the way to go, but you should consider a power wheelchair instead, and here are just five reasons why.

  1. Minimal Strength Required

People who experience a lot of trouble with their hands or arms almost always require power wheelchairs, but you should also think about a power model if your strength simply isn’t what it used to be. Powering a manual wheelchair using your arms alone can become tiring, especially as you grow older. You can also create repetitive stress injuries.

  1. Cover Longer Distances

Even if you have quite a bit of strength in your arms and back, using a manual wheelchair over greater distances can become a real challenge. This is especially problematic if you go a long way from home and then need to rest before making the return journey.

  1. Enjoy Greater Independence

It isn’t just you who will move a manual wheelchair – you can always have someone push you from behind. That’s fine, but most people prefer the sense of independence that comes with a power wheelchair. It’s also nicer to speak to someone as they walk beside you rather than carrying on a conversation with one in front and one behind.

  1. Cover More Challenging Terrain

Power wheelchairs offer different drivetrains to cover tougher terrain, plus thicker tires for superior traction. If you need to go up a steep hill or even travel across dirt and grass, you can make the journey easily in a power wheelchair.

  1. Feel More Comfortable

Finally, power wheelchairs are considerably more comfortable than manual ones. They don’t need to be made light enough to be controlled by either you or someone behind, so they can afford to have larger seats that offer deeper cushioning and better support. Many offer recline and tilt functions to relieve pressure points, which is perfect if you’ll be in your chair for extended periods each day.