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5 of the craziest beauty trends

With 2018 coming to a close, it’s the perfect time to look back and reminisce on the beauty trends of the past year. There were some that we were thankful for – the ‘I-dream-of-Jeannie’ ponytail made a well-deserved comeback, as did the punchy crimson pout.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for all 2018 beauty trends! Bold may be gold in some cases, but we’re certainly glad to be leaving these crazy trends behind as we enter the New Year!

  1. Eyebrows that make a statement

Statement eyebrows certainly made a splash in the beauty world this year! Eyebrows that had been moulded using all sorts of strange shapes and colours were plastered all over our Instagram feeds. The Halo eyebrow was a particular favourite for many. This look is exactly what it sounds like – a halo which stretches from one eyebrow to the other! The idea was created by 16-year-old Hannah Lyne , and was inspired by another of 2018’s big eyebrow trends: the fishtail brow.  There were a few other weird eyebrow trends that caught our eyes, including the garden brow, rainbow brow and feather brow!

  1. Bizarre Nails

There’s been a whole host of horrifying trends in terms of nails this year. The first was inspired by Kylie Jenner’s first picture of her baby, Stormi Webster, in which Stormi’s hand was wrapped around Kylie’s thumb. Moscow nail salon, Nail Sunny, shared a video of its creation on Instagram. Clay models of Jenner’s hand and Stormi’s thumb are placed on top of gel pink nails to create a rather disturbing image!

Another peculiar nail trend this year was tooth nails, which – you guessed it – look exactly like teeth! Corkscrew nails were perhaps the most impractical trend of the year however!

  1. Holographic Hair

When we’re talking Holographic hair, think pastel colours and magic! When the pastel highlights catch the light, they give the impression that your hair is magically changing colour. Olaplex is used to help lighten the hair, before it is mixed with a rainbow of Pravana dyes. This look is similar to candyfloss hair, which was a huge trend in 2017.

  1. Rainbow Teeth

This one is as strange as it sounds. The latest trend to sweep the beauty world is rainbow teeth, where people paint their teeth to match the colour of their nail polish or outfit! You can choose to have Sunshine, Fairy Dust, Mint or Pretty in Pink coloured teeth for £15 a bottle.

  1. Glitter bumpkin

Perhaps the most peculiar beauty trend of the year was the bumpkin! Halloween brought on the trend for people to paint their bottoms to look like a pumpkin! This stemmed from the glitter bum trend that came around earlier in the year.

If you’ve been inspired by any of these crazy trends – or if they have simply reaffirmed your liking for normality – Tropic Skincare do a wide range of make up, haircare and skincare products that could help you create your perfect look.