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4 Essential Fitness Apps by Under Armour

Under Armour makes amazing sports apparel, accessories and shoes—and it’s everywhere. People are becoming more active and engaged in their physical fitness, and brands know it. Whether you run, bike, swim, etc., you undoubtedly rely on some apps to help you train harder and perform better. Of the countless ones made available, you’ve likely heard about several that you didn’t even know were by Under Armour.

Which apps have they had a hand in making? Here are 4 affiliated with the sports apparel titan, Under Armour: 

  1. Endomondo

Endomondo is an app that is a must-have for anyone who loves to engage in various types of activities (running, biking, walking, kayaking, golfing, soccer, football, etc.). The app tracks 40+ different activities in all. With Endomondo, you can plan exercises and set your personal goals. There is a built-in audible coach feature, which allows you to be guided throughout your various activities, enabling you to reach your fullest workout potential.

  1. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a nutrition app that is essential for counting calories. It features a large food database, which you can select from to log in the different food items you’ve consumed (features over 1 million items). More than that, you can map out your daily meals and come up with a calorie-based food plan.

  1. Map My Walk 

Map My Walk is an extremely practical and useful app that allows you to record and map your walking route. It’s simple to use, you just press, “start” to begin tracking. Along your path, it’ll notify you of when you’ve hit the 1-mile mark and alert you of your different stats (such as your distance, time and pace). When you are done walking, you’d hold down “pause” to stop recording and you’d receive a detailed account of your walk, which will include your elevation, miles, calories burned and the overall route.

There are over 40 million app members on Map My Walk, which is neat in itself because you can view the different nearby routes of others in your area. This feature encourages you to go out and explore new walking routes that you’d otherwise never know about.

And if you like to travel, an app like Map My Walk would be useful when traveling and going out to explore the local surroundings. You can make your trip more fitness oriented by simply recording your walking routes. You’d be walking anyways, so why not? One thing to make sure of before you travel is that you have home security protection, so you don’t leave your home vulnerable while you are away.

  1. Map My Run

Map My Run operates just like the Map My Walk app—but it has one obvious difference: it’s for runners who want to map their runs, not their walks. Runners can plan how far they want to run per day and create their own custom running routes. The great thing about Map My Run is that it records in live time, so you can see how much you’ve actually accomplished as you continue to run.

With this app, you can record and keep track of how much you’ve ran in the past week, month or more. Runners of all skill level will benefit from Map My Run, since it targets individualized workout goals. In addition to this, you can track things such as meals, calories consumed, weight, daily steps, sleep, etc.