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3 Ways to Whiter Teeth

It is no secret that a set of pearly whites is a desire most of us have. Our teeth our stained by things we consume in day to day life and there are certain things such as smoking and excessive coffee habits that can worsen these effects.

Everyone wants a whiter smile, so how can we achieve one?

  1. Eat these foods

Whilst there are foods and drinks that worsen your teeth (like fizzy drinks, coffee and sugar) there are also foods that help maintain a white smile.

It’s said that eating white foods will whiten your teeth, so fill up on chicken, rice and fish. Avoiding coloured foods helps keep staining at bay.

Chewing gum also helps, but please don’t actually eat it…

  1. Get them whitened

If you want a quick remedy for your teeth, visit a qualified dentist to see what treatments they can provide you with.

More times than not you can get amazing results in under an hour and then get It topped up every 6 months or so depending on your teeth and how easily they stain.

  1. Change your brushing routine

Dentists say that you should avoid rinsing your mouth after brushing and simply just spit (especially when brushing before bed). This preserves the fluoride coating on your teeth and helps protect your teeth overnight.

Flossing also helps remove staining in between your teeth. Make sure your floss several times a week to improve gum health and brighten your smile.