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15 Lessons About Fitness You Need to Learn to Succeed

In recent time, a fitness-oriented lifestyle has become the equivalent of being ‘cool’. If you don’t eat quinoa and tofu and don’t hit the gym at least thrice a week, you are not cool. However, fitness is much more complicated that simply hitting the gym or avoiding carbs altogether.

Learn these 15 awesome fitness lessons that will help you in reaching your fitness goals successfully.

Everybody is different

Everyone is at different fitness levels and take their own sweet time to reach a specific fitness goals. What matters more is progress.

Just do it

We are limited only by our own belief of failing. It is really necessary to perform a dead lift without thinking about the results. You will succeed when you think less.


Getting fit takes a lot of hard work and patience. You will have to understand that your body needs time to evolve. Give it the time and the results will be fantastic.

No failures only lessons

One thing to remember is that every time you are not able to do something you are empowered with knowledge. Ex- nobody performs a perfect squat in the first try.


A life centred on fitness demands efforts day in and day out.  Do not start exercising to look like the model you saw online. Do it if you have the zeal of getting healthy.


It’s impossible to get fit if you do not know how to do it. You will have to plan every move you make in order to achieve your fitness goals.

Train your mind

Centre your thoughts on getting healthier and your body will follow, expect to lift a certain weight and your muscles will obey the command.

Pain is necessary

Getting fit involves pain and you can’t skip it. Do not get demotivated from a sour calf as it will eventually make your legs stronger.

Technique matters

You can avoid injuries by using the right technique. Don’t do an exercise if you don’t know how to do it properly.

You are strong

After a gym session, you will realize that you are way stronger than you thought. You will only need a strong will to perform exercises which look impossible.

Ego kills

Exercise for getting better than your previous self, not to compete with someone. It will lead to injuries and humiliation.

Just ask

Your gym members and your trainer are more than willing to help you. Asking for help will not make you look small.


You will have to live your life according to a fixed schedule with regular exercise, good food and sleep. Get ready to ignore some parties.

You will become humble

Exercise can humble even the proudest of us all. You will realise that there are many people better than you.

Nutrition matters

You will have to keep a check on your nutrition levels. Doing exercises does not mean you can eat more junk.

There are so many aspects of getting fit that you just cannot understand them within a short period of time. It’s a life time experience and it changes with your age and vision.