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12 Questions Answered About Fitness

The world of fitness is full of questions and most of the times their answers are subjective, depending on the individuals.

Before you read the article, I would like to inform you that there are no hard and fast rules in the fitness industry. There are only some fundamental guidelines that everyone must follow.

Here, I will be providing answers to some common fitness questions.

How much rest between workouts?

As a rule of thumb, it is always better to rest for 3 days before training a muscle again. The time period will allow your muscle to become stronger. Cardio exercises should be repeated only after 24 hours.

Can children lift weights?

Unlike the popular belief, lifting weights won’t result in stunted growth of your child. They can lift weights under your supervision as there are chances of an injury as children.

Should women lift weights?

Women will never develop masculine features if they lift weights. Weight lifting is focused on making you stronger and not on changing your hormones. It will help in increasing your strength while burning unwanted fat.

Will I have to join a gym to become fit?

Joining a gym is not the only way to become fit. You can always do body weight exercises in your home or in a park or play any outdoor sport that will improve your cardiovascular health and agility.

What about cheat days?

You have to add a cheat meal once in a week to provide diversity to your gut bacteria. Our metabolism tends to slow down if we always eat the same food. Cheat days will not only break the monotony but will also make you healthy.

Can I crash diet?

The problem with crash diet is that the day we stop it we put on extra fat in no time. Our body cannot manage the tremendous weight loss from crash diet and works even harder to sustain fat in our bodies.

What about Isagenix?

There is no way our body can get healthy after eating pills instead of real fruits. The method will only leave you with weak internal organs.

Should I use supplementation?

We need certain supplements to enhance the strength and quality of our muscle after reaching a certain level of fitness. Supplements are healthy if taken under supervision and in most of the cases there are no side effects.

How long should my workout period be?

If you want to gain muscle 1-1:30 hours of exercise is fine. Loosing fat demands focus on intensity, for ex- an HIIT session of 25-30 minutes is perfect for fat loss. You don’t need more.

Which is the best source of protein?

You can get protein from eggs, fish, meats, milk etc. Animal sources of protein are more wholesome. If you are vegetarian or are lactose intolerant, you may want to try soy or pea protein.

What to do to get abs?

You can build well defined abs from doing different variations of crunches. You will also have to lose a considerable amount of fat to make the abs visible.

Do I need a diet plan?

Nutrition is the most important aspect for having a healthy and fit body.  You can do any number of exercise but they won’t give results until you balance your macro and micro nutrients.

If you keep all the above factors in mind then nothing can stop you from achieving your fitness goals.